Ecommerce is becoming the strengths of business in this digital era

And we are here to help you maximize these business advantages.

Multi-channel Ecommerce management

KingsEnterprise will help you to manage your Ecommerce channels entirely and effectively.

Upload products - SEO standards of Ecommerce

Every Ecommerce channel has its own requirements for the contents and images. We will upload your products not only to attract the customer’s purchases but also to qualify for SEO of Ecommerce.

Chat/Customer consulting

Our professional consultants are always ready to answer the concerns and advice specifically to the customers.

Financial statistics

Making the financial statistics precisely, carefully comparing and contrasting between the order numbers and the income to ensure you to get the profits.

Order check and confirmation

We usually check to see if there is a new order and directly contact the customers for the confirmation before packaging.

Promotion participation

Participation of any Ecommerce promotion is the quickest way to promote the store to develop and make a good impression to the customers. And our professional marketing staff acknowledges to take maximum advantages of that.

Online inventory

Cyclically checking, comparing and contrasting between the number of items and numbers of each category on the Ecommerce channel with your number of inventories. We ensure that the product numbers will not go wrong between the inventory and the product numbers on Ecommerce store.

What Makes Us Different?

Our knowledge

We know to the full extent on every single Ecommerce channel: the rules of the operation, the requirements for sellers and products, and capability to support you effectively.

Professional team

Instead of using the software engineering, we have professional team who are working thoroughly and effectively and will create their own operational strategies which are suitable for each business.


We have supported so many businesses to expand their company based on the Ecommerce platform; and this has been successful. Hence, we know what you need.

Growth on many countries

We have supported the businesses on several countries such as United States of America, China, Indonesia, … in order to introduce the products into Vietnam and grow their businesses successfully on the most potential Ecommerce channels.

Our Values


We have completely known the Ecommerce, have had so many experiences, and have always made an effort to bring the best accomplishment to the customers.


We always focus on improving expertise and skills, and strongly support the customers. We use the customer’s success as the experience to develop our company. You can trust to choose us to be a partner during your business development on Ecommerce.


We always seek for the best methods which are new and effective. We have never stopped upgrading our creativities for the customers over time.