Ecommerce Initialization

Professionally initializing and completing the stores in the largest Ecommerce channels in Vietnam.

Multi-channel Ecommerce management

Professionally managing every single store on Ecommerce channels; compassing and maintaining its rules in order to operate each channel effectively.

Storing & packaging

Support to the maximum capability to the business owners; preserve and maintain the products at our warehouse and ready to ship when the new orders arrive.

Ecommerce developed supports

We are responsible for entirely operating the stores on Ecommerce channel; buiding up the strategies to develop businesses, brand; and increasing the Ecommerce sales.

Content creator

Our professional copywriter are willing to help you to create good contents of the product, of the advertisement and suitable for Vietnamese language.

Social media marketing

Building up the facebook page; and being able to use it for advertising effectively on facebook – the largest social media in Vietnam.

Call Center

The center takes care of the customers through the phones by the professional consultants; they appropriately receive the information and product marketing.